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Available as an eBook in late September 2016 and hardcopy before the holidays! Based on things learned in over two dozen workshops and dozens of books and forums, there are things to be learned for all here.

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On the 19th of September 2009, I stumbled upon a video. I'm not sure how I found it, but there it was, sharing laughter, fun and music through the tiny screen. Over the next two days I dug and searched, questioned and analyzed. On the 1st of October, I ordered it. On October 5th, three separate packages arrived on my doorstep, one of them contained my very first ukulele. Over the last seven years I have collected ukuleles, played with various groups, done open mikes, radio, stage and made my own videos. I do enjoy playing and learning this instrument.


My Talsma Custom build

See the evolution from raw wood to a beautiful instrument.


Great Musicians and The Ukulele Dude

Pictures of The Ukulele Dude with some of the many talented ukulele players that he has gotten to listen to, learn from and get to know.

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Great sources to learn about the ukulele, find music and other things.

Checklist for Ukulele Activities
Suggestions of things you will find helpful to have with you when doing ukulele activities

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